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Jul 27

Non-Fiction Friday: Mammoth: The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant

If you watched the Discovery Channel special about raising the mammoth back in 2000 then you know a little about the contents of this book. The story is a blend of science, adventure, history and politics. The mammoth is a creature that haunts the modern imagination. Sure, dinosaurs get all the press and their resurrection …

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Mar 03

Dr. Jobe Martin. Part 1

 Last week I saw a set of DVDs sitting on the desk of a coworker. I stopped to take a peek. Hmmmm, “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution…” I quickly set the disks back on his desk, exactly the way I found them, and moved on as if nothing had happened. I don’t like to get …

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Feb 19

Orconectes longidigitus? Barbicambarus simmonsi?

    I’m no crayfish expert.                 Maybe you can help me identify him.                 Large male is approximately 5 to 5.5 inches long.             Photos were taken in Cumberland county TN in June of 2005. …

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