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Jul 12

Vote Vulva 2012

So yesterday I made this magnet. The inspiration for this came from twitter friend @ericainchaote who probably has little idea why I wanted this as a car magnet in the first place. Yeah, I put the topic for yesterday’s post up for a vote and everyone voted for vulva but that is not why this …

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Feb 23

Political apathy

Jarreg posted the other day about why he votes, and I felt maybe I should post a little on a similar theme. You won’t catch me posting too much general political stuff, as I find it tedious to no end, but I am going to give you a little taste of where I currently stand …

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Feb 20

Why I vote

Once upon a time I didn’t vote. It was a matter of principle. Because I am a critical and honest person I don’t shy away from seeing the faults in any given candidate and I don’t toe party lines for the sake of it. One could take a list of my opinions on all things …

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