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Jul 20

Fiction Friday: Holy Bible

This book sucked so much I don’t even feel the need to link to it on Amazon. The protagonist is blatantly racist, sexist, and narcissistic with no real moments of redemption from his dreadfully immoral characteristics. The writing is seriously lacking as well. The reader doesn’t have to even get past the first mini book …

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Jun 22

Fiction Friday: What Happened to Cass McBride

Well I was hoping to read more over vacation but I ended up swimming and catching up with my friends so I can’t do this Fiction Friday on the book I wanted (worst thing in the world, I know).  I didn’t finish it yet, so I will do this one over another YA book in …

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May 11

Fiction Friday: Where the Wild Things Are

Often our legacy chooses us. The parts that others choose to remember most rarely reflect the moments we want to remain etched in public opinion. So is the case of one of the greatest children’s book author’s of all time. Maurice Sendak probably never expected Where the Wild Things Are to be his legacy or …

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Feb 17

Fiction Friday

We are a family of readers. Our wallpaper is effectively overstuffed bookshelves covering every topic known to man. (That is, perhaps, an exaggeration. In a fit of frustration, I did put my foot down when it came to a book on dirt, so we don’t have a book on soil.) I am a fiction gal …

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