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Apr 13


I had heard of Taslima Nasrin only in passing before she came to Freethought Blogs. I always get a little excited when I get to read someone new, especially a freethinker, especially an independent woman freethinker. I was altogether unprepared for what Taslima brought to the picnic to say the least. I don’t want to be unfair. Taslima may be …

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Apr 12

A response to Taslima Nasreen

In your post Do women really ‘choose’ to be prostitutes, you ask whether people would encourage their daughters to become prostitutes. I am going to say to that no, I would not ‘encourage’ my daughter, or son for that matter, to pursue prostitution as an occupation. I would, however, support their choice if either of …

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Apr 05

A spoonful of sugar

TW for the quote below which contains a fictional account of the rape of a child. “She made them all close their eyes and listen to her. She told them to pretend that little girl had blond hair and blue eyes, that the two rapists were black,  that they tied her right foot to a …

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Mar 21

Fuck. Just fuck.

I don’t even know where to start. I suppose I have to thank @NiceGuyBrianG for exposing me to someone worse than him. I really, really don’t want to thank him, but I have to. Title of the blog that aforementioned asswipe decided was worse than his rape apology: The Necessity of Domestic Violence The title …

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Mar 20

The c___ word

My favorite word in the English language: CUNT It has been my favorite for a long time. I remember watching a VHS cassette of Boys on the Side when I was a teenager. It probably wasn’t the first time I heard the word, but that moment was the first time “cunt” resonated with me. I …

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Mar 18

They are not pro-life

Nor are they anti-choice, pro-birth, anti-abortion, or anti-woman… No, I figured out what all this nonsensical war on women is about:   Anti-Menopause   I mean think about it. All these efforts must be to either keep a woman from reaching menopause by keeping her pregnant her whole life or killing her before she ever …

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Mar 15

Two days of #thingsrapistssay

My eyes may be burning out of my head. Last night I caught glimpses of Twitter user @NiceGuyBrianG’s defenses of rape via @Mowgli3. I didn’t have time to take a serious look then. So starting at 8 this morning and continuing through now I am still reading one of the most painful conversations I have …

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Feb 26

Birth control and weak arguments

Some arguments are weak, not because they don’t argue the point well, but because they miss the big picture. I noticed this the first time I posted Fluke’s video here, and it appears I am not the only one. Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon addresses those kinds of arguments that miss the point altogether. The most …

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Feb 24

Of course they don’t want this shown on television

It is a well reasoned statement from a woman. The only problem I have with Fluke’s statement is that it primarily argued that a woman’s access to birth control was necessary for other medical reasons aside from preventing pregnancy. While this is true, I would have preferred to see more argument directed at why a …

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Feb 20

Dear Virginia, and a story

Dear Virginia, Why yes, you do hate women. Signed, WilloNyx Ps: a little story, (This story may trigger PTSD symptoms in some people) Twenty-seven evenings ago a college junior was walking with her date to the local scene club. Her date was not a stranger to her. They had gone on a few dates previous. …

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