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Aug 13

Treading water

Yesterday Jarreg and I were talking in the car. Today’s post is borne out of that conversation, and I apologize if the the ideas feel a little rough. I haven’t fleshed them out as much as I want too. Nonetheless, we amble carelessly into some shaky territory to discuss this movement. There is something I …

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Jul 05

My Atheism

I thought I could get away with leaving information like this out of this blog. I wasn’t expecting any of our audience to be uninformed on these subjects. So for those who don’t already know… My Position Regarding the Existence of God(s) I do not believe in the existence of any deity. I do not …

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Jun 18

Not a safe space

Back from a much needed vacation and ready to write a short post. Yesterday I read the transcript of the Great Penis Debate translated by the wonderful Kate Donovan. I didn’t have time to watch and I am always grateful for transcripts because I have hearing loss in one of my ears. One thing that …

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Mar 26

Why is this atheist angry?*

I deliver things to people. I do this for money. Sometimes in the form of tips. Sometimes I get an extra little surprise:     That’s right, bible tracts. Who doesn’t appreciate those? Me. I fucking hate them. I mean, I can perfectly ignore them if they are strewn like perverse litter all over the …

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