These people are held in contempt of this blog. If you are on this list you no longer have the privilege to comment here for the reasons expressed.








Self proclaimed conservative libertarian Christian, Bruce, really has a problem with unbelievers. An opponent of social justice, he feels those of us who fight for equality are really just fighting to destroy him and those like him. He imagines we will one day bring storm troopers to his door to come steal his money, possibly even murder him for it. He believes that any form of social justice is a one way ticket to despotic communism, except when it involves people in the bible who practiced it, then it’s not socialism because…um…magic. He also feels that feminism is misandry in disguise and that it is a plot to subjugate men and bend them to the will of women. We suspect that his flaming of our site doesn’t represent his first foray into the world of trolling and cyber stalking. A simple response to a friend of ours on twitter about how we are financially unable to afford health insurance at this time sparked his ire. Feel free to read all of his comments on our blog here. We have not deleted or edited any of his content. If you think he sounds familiar let us know.

Bruce has been banned from our site for multiple violations of our comment policy. We permitted him to stray from the topic multiple times but after repeated attempted corrections of his false and insulting accusations of both us and other commentators he persisted. While we try and have a very lax and inclusive comment policy this forum belongs to us. Repeated and unapologetic assholery takes up our time and distracts us from things more important than baby sitting insolent, sniveling children.