Comments Policy

Still in development and subject to change over time.

Ok.  So over here at IdioPrag we like discussion, even the heated kind. For the time being, we have a pretty lax comment policy. At this point comments may insult ideas all they want. Those ideas may be toward someone’s faith or lack thereof.  We are currently limiting how much a commenter may insult another commenter though, and those limitations are better defined in the rules.

1) No insults that marginalize an entire subset of the population based on an aspect of themselves that is unchangeable. That means no gendered insults (including gender identity and expression), no racist jokes or insults, and no insults pertaining to ones sexuality.

2) We may need to ask that commenters maintain a less harsh tone from time to time. This is one of the areas that will still be in development as the blog continues to gain new readers.

3) Lastly, keep threads on topic. We understand that conversation can shift from time to time but intentional thread derailing is not allowed. Don’t be a troll.

If you do not follow these rules, we will first warn you and explain exactly how they were broken. You may defend yourself (i.e. explaining why the thread is still on topic). If we decide that you are continuing to break the rules, your comments will eventually be held in contempt. You will always be warned before that happens. If you consistently break the rules you will be banned from commenting here.