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Jan 04

I didn’t learn how to be poly

When I was discovering this poly side of myself. Jarreg directed me to poly forums. Sometimes the best and the worst thing you can do is to find people experiencing the same thing as you. The stories, successes sprinkled among failures (cause let me tell you much “new poly” fails) become tiny rays of sunshine …

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Jan 03


I think about potential often. Probably most people do, which is why Scrödinger’s Cat is so fascinating a subject. The idea that until potential is realized, something, anything, everything is two mutually exclusive possibilities. Fascinating subject overall. In that respect, I think about other Schrödinger’s as well. Other potentials. I think about another famous exercise …

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Jan 01

Shit customers say

I deliver stuff to people’s homes, sometimes their hotels and condos. I am not unattractive but neither am I expressly attractive. The only thing I really have going for me is tits and ass for days, so it’s not surprising I get what customer’s view as “compliments” from time to time. “Nice legs.” “Nice ass.” …

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Dec 31

A poem

FemMe The eyes critique me for some semblance of a smile A hip sway A flirt To justify their existence, but I am not their god Not present to appease their fears The realization, sudden in them, cliche in me, sets off a fury Words hurl like icicles “Who did you think you were anyway, …

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Dec 29

Consent Culture

The question itself was foreplay. His hesitation. Her breaths of anticipation. Their mutual curiosity. How would it happen? Would he ask first, as was tradition? Fuck tradition, said Carla. She leaned in and asked. Breath warm, Henry’s blood rushed as well as his answer. “Yes.” And then the kiss. They were eager and still their …

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Dec 28

Suicide is always an option

I will let the title act as a trigger warning. Today’s post will be frank and a bit heavy. Proceed with caution. I am not sure the age I was when suicide first entered my brain. At least before I was raped by my stepfather, I had no concept of it. I distinctly remember thinking …

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Aug 07

100 Songs

Today’s list won’t be short. There won’t be an explanation, just songs I love. Feel free to tell me how I enjoy a bunch of crap because I will merely laugh at the music snobbery. I will try to note where I prefer a cover version to a original. A Better Place to Be by …

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Aug 06

Favorite movies

I know I have been absent for a few weeks but I thought I might ease back into this bloggy thing. Funny enough IdioPrag wasn’t started for me but kind of became mine with regular use. I like the outlet, but sometimes life can get overwhelming. When I am overwhelmed I tend to take a …

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Jul 23

Music Monday

I know I haven’t written much lately so I thought I would drop a bit of music. This is my favorite Violent Femmes’ song. I tend to like dark stories and the simple rhyming is classic Femmes whilst being fairly clever. Enjoy.

Jul 04


Continuing good news week with some cute: So I have this thing for one species feeding another species of baby animals. It doesn’t exactly extend to human animals doing the feeding but just about all others I find pretty adorable. For example enjoy this fantastically cute video of a chimp feeding a baby tiger cub. …

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