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Mar 29

In case I wasn’t clear

I will get a few things out of the way: I am cis I support trans people when they empathize¬† with “Die Cis Scum” or use it as a source of empowerment. I support trans people that think that using “Die Cis Scum” as a tool for empowerment is too divisive for their tastes. I …

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Mar 28

With friends like these; or what it means to be an ally

The other day, Anders, a frequent commenter on Natalie Reed’s blog, asked what people thought being an ally to a particular social movement should look like.¬† While he may have been specifically looking at the transgender movement, I am going to consider this question broadly across all social movements toward equality. I told him that …

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Feb 20

Dear Virginia, and a story

Dear Virginia, Why yes, you do hate women. Signed, WilloNyx Ps: a little story, (This story may trigger PTSD symptoms in some people) Twenty-seven evenings ago a college junior was walking with her date to the local scene club. Her date was not a stranger to her. They had gone on a few dates previous. …

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