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Feb 25

A Rant and a Resolution

For centuries people have resisted the tyranny of the superstitious and irrational. Early on we began to forge the tools to overcome these influences within ourselves. For most of our history those tools were dull and largely ineffectual in the face of a biological need to conform. Then, in different places and in different times, …

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Feb 23

Imagine that…Another school breaking the law

As the story has been reported, a young lady by the name of Krystal Myers, editor of the school newspaper at Lenoir City High School, submitted an editorial criticizing her school for the regular violation of students’ first amendment protections. The tone of her article seems to indicate that her audience would have been well aware of …

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Feb 18

Boredom, prejudice, and changing minds

My job is boring. This will come as no surprise to most people. I have it on good authority that this is a common, perhaps even global, phenomenon. My day is essentially nine hours of mindless labor punctuated by brief periods of intense thought. Unfortunately the thinking parts, the parts where I solve a problem …

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Feb 15


There is no better motivation to get off your ass than everyone around you doing it first. That’s how it seems anyway. Procrastinating blogging is easy enough. Been doing it now for years. I won’t bore anyone with the biographical details that usually accompany introductions. You’ll catch some of that in the “about us” section …

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