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Apr 17

You can’t please these people, even by shutting up

The Day of Silence is this Friday, GASP!, and the religious fundies are up in arms about it. Americans United has a short piece about it here. The premise behind the event is simple: Students attend classes but do not speak for the entire day. The Day of Silence isn’t sponsored by the schools. It’s run …

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Mar 03

God is love

An article in UK’s Mail Online today has made me ill. It highlights the trend of torture and murder of children suspected of witchcraft, a phenomenon that is growing frighteningly more common in recent years. In a world that has probed the inner depths of matter and energy and seen the far reaches of space, …

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Feb 23

Imagine that…Another school breaking the law

As the story has been reported, a young lady by the name of Krystal Myers, editor of the school newspaper at Lenoir City High School, submitted an editorial criticizing her school for the regular violation of students’ first amendment protections. The tone of her article seems to indicate that her audience would have been well aware of …

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