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Jun 07

Absurdist humor and rape culture

I’ve seen it called absurdist humor. The idea that rape is funny because it is unthinkable. I’ve believed it myself. Told jokes like “what’s better than twenty-six year old’s? Twenty six year old’s.” As a victim of child rape myself, I might have even found it cathartic at times. Laughing at the sheer wrongness of …

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Jul 06

Fiction Friday: Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book

This Fiction Friday is a stray from the normal review of YA and Adult fiction. Primarily because I didn’t have a lot of books in my store that didn’t involve making the reader cry. This is good stuff week after all. I decided to go with one of my favorite children’s author Shel Silverstein and …

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Jun 29

Non-Fiction? Friday: Mind Games

Inspired by the extreme level of cognitive dissonance displayed by our new house troll here at IdioPrag, I have decided to offer a book this week just for fun. I would hardly call it non-fiction since the content takes place in a world haunted by spirits and demons, where magic is real and psychic powers …

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May 01

And now for some funny

I love poetry. I love it set to music, and I love when it stands on its own. One kind of poetry that I love is slam poetry. The big criteria for making awesome slam poetry is delivery. As slam poetry is meant to be read aloud, the delivery should come with a bit of …

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Mar 18

They are not pro-life

Nor are they anti-choice, pro-birth, anti-abortion, or anti-woman… No, I figured out what all this nonsensical war on women is about:   Anti-Menopause   I mean think about it. All these efforts must be to either keep a woman from reaching menopause by keeping her pregnant her whole life or killing her before she ever …

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