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Apr 06

How can I help stop the tendancy to normalize?

Not that you asked but I certainly thought about it after my post on normalizing martyrs. It is easier to stop normalizing in our own speech. We become aware of normalizing and we stop doing it so much. How do you get every one else to stop? Well there are easy ways and hard ways. …

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Apr 05

A spoonful of sugar

TW for the quote below which contains a fictional account of the rape of a child. “She made them all close their eyes and listen to her. She told them to pretend that little girl had blond hair and blue eyes, that the two rapists were black,  that they tied her right foot to a …

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Mar 29

Talking with my child about abortion

I promised a parenting post. I did not say that I would be telling you how to parent. Aside from some specific circumstances, I think parenting is extremely subjective to a huge variety of context. I am neither qualified nor willing to tell you how to parent. I will talk some about how I parent. …

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Mar 28

With friends like these; or what it means to be an ally

The other day, Anders, a frequent commenter on Natalie Reed’s blog, asked what people thought being an ally to a particular social movement should look like.  While he may have been specifically looking at the transgender movement, I am going to consider this question broadly across all social movements toward equality. I told him that …

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Mar 22


*This post is very personal and discusses details of my childhood rape. It may trigger PTSD symptoms and I recommend caution for that reason. I have been wanting to write this post for some time after watching #ididnotreport trend on Twitter.  I got caught up in dealing with a Twitter scumbag and put this one …

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Mar 20

The c___ word

My favorite word in the English language: CUNT It has been my favorite for a long time. I remember watching a VHS cassette of Boys on the Side when I was a teenager. It probably wasn’t the first time I heard the word, but that moment was the first time “cunt” resonated with me. I …

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Mar 13

Chatting it up with the locals: Church/State Myth

I have a confession. I used to be a local forum junkie. The fact that my town has always been a rural backwater meant that I had to weed through endless threads of gossip and poor grammar, people calling each other names and threatening to beat each other up. I decided to move to a …

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