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Jun 21

Are harassment policies “sex negative”

Short answer: No, harassment policies are sex neutral at worst and sex positive at best. I probably need to explain some things before that makes sense. Sex positivity is, by any sensible definition, not simply “yay, sex is awesome.” It’s far more complicated than that. Sex positivity is a view that considers sex, and sex …

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Jun 18

Not a safe space

Back from a much needed vacation and ready to write a short post. Yesterday I read the transcript of the Great Penis Debate translated by the wonderful Kate Donovan. I didn’t have time to watch and I am always grateful for transcripts because I have hearing loss in one of my ears. One thing that …

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May 28

Let’s talk about “Die Cis Scum” one more time

And keep talking about it till everyone is clear. For my first two main posts and a clarification on DCS go here, here and here. For Natalie Reed’s post on DCS go here. For April Gardener’s commentary on DCS go here. For West of a White House’s defense go here. Those are just some defenses …

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May 21

Why I drew Mo

Yesterday was Draw Mohammad Day. I drew and posted this picture on Twitter:                           I could think of a ton of reasons not to draw Mohammad yesterday. The death threats being at the top of the list, the lack of artistic skill being …

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May 09

Calling all sluts

Since I have at least a few Canadian readers here, I thought it relevant to post an upcoming event in the London, Ontario region. On Saturday May 12th, London’s second annual Solidarity SlutWalk will be held at Victoria Park from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. For those of you who have never heard of SlutWalk: …

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May 07

A day of Pride

After hearing a distant relative joke about meeting me down at the Upper Cumberland’s inaugural Pride Festival for “target practice,” I braced for the worst. After reading the local trolls come out in full force threatening to picket/destroy our one day of celebration, I braced for the worst. I was in for a surprise. This …

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May 04

A few words

Tomorrow I hope to report on a wonderful day of fun and celebration at the UC Pride festival in Cookeville TN. I hope I can walk my children into the park and not have to explain to them why there are hateful people with signs, yelling and calling people names, threatening eternal torture with Hell …

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Apr 24

I gotta disagree

I hate it when I disagree with people I admire. I never know exactly how they will take it. I also have to wonder if I am wrong. So I end up mulling, thinking it through and figuring out where I stand. I did that and now I am ready to say, “I got to …

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Apr 21

Breaking the Silence

If you visited our blog yesterday you probably found up to 24 posts containing a video about the Day of Silence. If you still don’t know what the Day of Silence is, then you watched none of them. I opted to be silent yesterday on the web because I want to break the silence surrounding …

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Apr 20

Day of Silence

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