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Aug 07

Talking about harassment at work

Just so everyone knows, I started a new job at the prison as a Corrections Officer (CO). It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that the overwhelming majority of new trainees are men. Even more so that there are even fewer women CO’s that have been there for a long time. I won’t say it is in …

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Aug 01

Suicide as a tool

This one requires a trigger warning about suicide. I have suicidal ideations. You can read some of my thoughts on suicide here. I wanted to talk more about this today since this seems to be a hot button discussion recently. I have thoughts and I want to get them out. I think about suicide on …

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Aug 01


Today my instructor at the prison said that he didn’t like the term minority as he saw everyone as equal. I thought about it for all of a second and proceeded to write this tidbit down. The fact that we see a disparity between PoC inmates and PoC employee makes it obvious that we engage …

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Jun 07

Absurdist humor and rape culture

I’ve seen it called absurdist humor. The idea that rape is funny because it is unthinkable. I’ve believed it myself. Told jokes like “what’s better than twenty-six year old’s? Twenty six year old’s.” As a victim of child rape myself, I might have even found it cathartic at times. Laughing at the sheer wrongness of …

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Apr 18

Being fufilled

So I read this post tonight and rather than comment over at Salon I decided to write up my own post about it. A little background is that Cary writes an advice column and he attempted to answer a bisexual woman’s question a couple of weeks ago. She is engaged and loves her fiance but …

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Apr 16

Oh hai guiz

If the last two posts are any indication, I would like to start writing again. I work a lot anymore, and I highly doubt things will show up everyday. I want to write though. I think about writing a lot then get defeated and hopeless, and I never get it done. That is kind of …

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Apr 15

Quiet: a smut scene

I am putting this after a jump so readers can skip if they prefer

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Apr 14

Today my daughter touched a sturgeon

I think she might have touched one once before, but it is always a negotiation when we go to the aquarium. The water is cold. The sturgeons look scary, like they might bite. After many pleas on our part, and demonstrations of her brother letting his two fingers slide across the backs of harmless fish, …

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Jan 09

Pageants and my personal sexist behavior

When my daughter was right around a year old I entered her into her first baby pageant. I think I took her more than anything to show her off. Little W is/was adorable after all.  I was kind of grateful that she didn’t win. I didn’t want an excuse to come back. Even then, I …

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Jan 04

I didn’t learn how to be poly

When I was discovering this poly side of myself. Jarreg directed me to poly forums. Sometimes the best and the worst thing you can do is to find people experiencing the same thing as you. The stories, successes sprinkled among failures (cause let me tell you much “new poly” fails) become tiny rays of sunshine …

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