About Us

What the hell is IdioPrag you ask?

The short of it is that IdioPrag stands in for Idiosyncratic Pragmatist, and the long of it is that it kind of accurately describes the relationship of the authors on this blog. Currently there are two authors (maybe three) who have all been thrown together in a strange juxtaposition of circumstances we commonly call life.

Regular contributors:

  WilloNyx did not grow up godless. She spent much of  her life trying to reconcile the universe with a just, monotheistic god. Finally she kicked god to the curb and the world made a great deal more sense. A.A. Has her B.S. in education and plans soon to return to school for advanced degrees.  She raises two children with her spouse and partner in life and blogging.  Her contributions may be as random as she is.




  Jarreg spent nearly two decades lost in the world of fundamentalist Christianity. It was a slow, agonizing process that led him back into the light. An ordained minister and lover of science he now works toward an advanced degree in biology while taking life and parenthood one step at a time.