Oct 18

Oh hi there

It’s been a long time since I’ve found the motivation to write. I’ve been more into practicing art lately. The discovery of Fresh Paint on Win 8 has been a lot of fun. I feel like it’s a bit like cheating with the eraser and all. Anyway I am not sure what I plan to do with this website. Not even sure if I want to keep it come February next year. The few people who still care about my updates should let me know what you think. I don’t have the emotional strength to address politics anymore. I might be able to do some personal updates from time to time (I still haven’t been able to sit and write the one hard post I’ve wanted to write for over a year now). I could post art stuff as I make it. Or possibly stories if I manage to write one outside my head. After reading a comic for the last week I’ve considered trying to draw a comic (probably won’t happen as my drawing skills suck). Help me with some ideas and maybe we can keep this thing going.

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