Nov 30

Giving Thanks

As this is a smut story I am putting it after the jump

I wasn’t sure if he was even in the mood. I wanted him to be. I had been aching since that morning, but there had been headaches and visiting, disruptions common in married life. When I first tentatively reached for his cock to ask him, I received little response. One of those not-immediately-hard moments will sometimes cause me to turn over and fall asleep myself, but tonight was different. I asked if he wanted me to continue. He did, and I continued while he grew beneath my touch. He shifts taking control and I feel his fingers in my cunt which has a similar hesitancy. Not dry but not dripping with immediate urgency. Still his fingers explore pressing my g spot, little jolts of pleasure building till I cum the first time. Leaving me tender and achy he retrieves the lube from the dresser.

His fingers dripping and inside me once again, I realize I am about to be scrambled. Our little word for what he is about to do to my mind, my cervix, my cunt, my body, my everything. His fingers well lubed his thumb plays with my ass while other fingers press against the vagus nerve from inside my cunt. The sensation so similar to having a cock fill my ass but different, its own teasing kind of pleasure. He moves his fingers around and finds my cervix already extending in anticipation. His adept hand gently pets the underside of my extended cervix. I melt. My brain goes fuzzy. My lips numb. I moan incoherently. The cervix is my drug, and his sudden shift to my g spot sobers me. I want to cum. I want him to make me cum. He won’t let it happen, not yet. Instead he teeters me on the edge and slips out of my cunt for a new sensation. Fingers circling my clit while his gently thumbing my asshole. Please, please let me cum.  I explode. Apologizing for my inevitable mess, certain I have covered the bed in urine his fingers thrust back inside for more. “I can’t” I say and he thrusts his fingers back inside, pulling me back down by my hair. I can’t but I will. He will make me cum again. I melt into his touch convulse again and again until my body shivers out an orgasm.

Cleaning up the mess we made I ready to ride him and attempt to somehow match his pleasure to my own. Instead he lubes his hand again and begins to stretch me. Pain inseparable from pleasure as is fear from anticipation. I throb inside urging his hand deeper. Pauses, negotiations, considerations as every sense is heightened. His hand slides out.

I lay there used, exhausted, whelmed far beyond over as he wets his cock and raises my legs to his shoulder. He slides his cock slowly into my ass. Painful at first I have him pause. Then slow, short thrusts, I know how to get past this pain and soon I want him deep inside. I feel the ridge of his head pass deep in my ass and I claw and pull him all the way in. Fingers find my clit once more and I cum tightening my ass around his cock. He pumps slowly and I savor every vein and ridge of his cock as my ass begs for the throbs his orgasm brings. Filling me with warm cum we collapse in exhaustion and then force ourselves to rise to clean the mess we’ve made of our surroundings and selves. Expressing our gratitude we snuggle and quickly close our eyes to this year’s Thanksgiving.

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