Jan 01

Shit customers say

I deliver stuff to people’s homes, sometimes their hotels and condos. I am not unattractive but neither am I expressly attractive. The only thing I really have going for me is tits and ass for days, so it’s not surprising I get what customer’s view as “compliments” from time to time.

“Nice legs.”

“Nice ass.”

“Want to come back later?”

“Want to have a beer, play a game of poker, hangout, etc?”

“You look dirty. Are you dirty?”

“Want to go out on a date sometime?”

“Here have a drink.”

“We will be here all night. You can come back when you get off.”

“Are you married?”

“Shake that ass.”

“Want to sit on my lap? Are you sure you don’t want to sit on my lap?”

It’s a sampling of my everyday, and thankfully, it hasn’t gotten worse than that. However, there are times where I can’t wait to get away from a house. It isn’t the words. It is how they are said. The dirty comment made me feel sick and cry and I vowed to never go back. It is scarier when there are lots of people. When they laugh at your embarrassment. When they join in. When they don’t stop at my polite refusal.

The worst though is that I can’t say what I think. Like ever. I can refuse to go back, but in the moment that they violate me, I represent my company. I cannot, as much as I would like to, school them on how fucking rude their behavior is.

I want to though. So do me a favor. If your friend, lover, asshole neighbor says this shit to their delivery person, shut them down for me. My polite dismissal doesn’t mean I like what it happening. It means I am tolerating it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t laugh it off. Don’t join in.

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