Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 09

Pageants and my personal sexist behavior

When my daughter was right around a year old I entered her into her first baby pageant. I think I took her more than anything to show her off. Little W is/was adorable after all.  I was kind of grateful that she didn’t win. I didn’t want an excuse to come back. Even then, I …

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Jan 04

I didn’t learn how to be poly

When I was discovering this poly side of myself. Jarreg directed me to poly forums. Sometimes the best and the worst thing you can do is to find people experiencing the same thing as you. The stories, successes sprinkled among failures (cause let me tell you much “new poly” fails) become tiny rays of sunshine …

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Jan 03


I think about potential often. Probably most people do, which is why Scrödinger’s Cat is so fascinating a subject. The idea that until potential is realized, something, anything, everything is two mutually exclusive possibilities. Fascinating subject overall. In that respect, I think about other Schrödinger’s as well. Other potentials. I think about another famous exercise …

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Jan 01

Shit customers say

I deliver stuff to people’s homes, sometimes their hotels and condos. I am not unattractive but neither am I expressly attractive. The only thing I really have going for me is tits and ass for days, so it’s not surprising I get what customer’s view as “compliments” from time to time. “Nice legs.” “Nice ass.” …

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