Dec 31

A poem


The eyes critique me for some semblance of a smile
A hip sway
A flirt
To justify their existence, but I am not their god
Not present to appease their fears
The realization, sudden in them, cliche in me, sets off a fury
Words hurl like icicles
“Who did you think you were anyway, Cunt?”
As if the mistake in my identity was my own.
My reply, lost in the pale sickliness of complete silence:
“I thought I was just me” rattled like an exhausted echo
As the ghost of their prayers were killed not by my words
But rather the swift beat of heels on pavement
And their raucous derision
As I walk away


So I wrote that in October with the full intention of posting then. I rarely write poetry anymore and never write political poetry. I mostly try to write strange takes on the sonnet forms. This one obviously wasn’t in a form just had the theme and lines in my head and wrote them down. It’s nice if you like it, and not a big deal if you don’t. Let me know your thoughts good or bad. I am really interested to hear honest responses.

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