Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 31

A poem

FemMe The eyes critique me for some semblance of a smile A hip sway A flirt To justify their existence, but I am not their god Not present to appease their fears The realization, sudden in them, cliche in me, sets off a fury Words hurl like icicles “Who did you think you were anyway, …

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Dec 29

Consent Culture

The question itself was foreplay. His hesitation. Her breaths of anticipation. Their mutual curiosity. How would it happen? Would he ask first, as was tradition? Fuck tradition, said Carla. She leaned in and asked. Breath warm, Henry’s blood rushed as well as his answer. “Yes.” And then the kiss. They were eager and still their …

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Dec 28

Suicide is always an option

I will let the title act as a trigger warning. Today’s post will be frank and a bit heavy. Proceed with caution. I am not sure the age I was when suicide first entered my brain. At least before I was raped by my stepfather, I had no concept of it. I distinctly remember thinking …

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