Oct 27


I apologize to any of our readers unfortunate enough to have wanted, I don’t know, a post from either of us in the last month or two. As life often goes, things have been hectic and complicated. I have been working full-time and going to school full-time. WilloNyx has been taking up some of my inevitable slack in addition to keeping up with all her regular responsibilities. We have been at CSICon in Nashville for the last couple of days and it’s been amazing. I’m still unbelievably sleep deprived but feel energized. I have gotten to meet and listen to so many people I respect and admire. It’s been a blast. The perpetual bus has just carted off a number of conference goers and left me alone in the hotel lobby. It seemed a perfect time to throw a short post out into the ether.

It turns out that the people in the skeptical and atheist communities I have met these past days are wonderful people. Every damn one of them. Who knew? They don’t just play awesome people on the internet after all. This is the first con we have ever attended. It may be the last for some time, at least until we can afford another one. The experience has been wonderful, though. I am grateful for the organizers, speakers and attendees here. I have been disillusioned in recent weeks about many events taking place in what one might call “the movement.” More than anything, more than sleep deprivation or school or work, this disillusionment has been responsible for my absence. I had intended to hit various attendees up for interviews during the conference but my motivation waned. Sure, I could blame my schedule. There isn’t much room for these things after all. Even my grades are slipping. Children, work, school, occasionally sleep, all these conspire against me but in the end I’m responsible.

A friend wanted me to ask PZ Myers how he makes time to do all the things he does. I asked him. He asked why I haven’t done more. I think he has a valid point. So here I am. Forgive me if this post lacks refinement or contains errors. I’m tired but I’m here. If all goes well I’ll be here tomorrow too. For now, though, goodnight internet. With luck I will see you tomorrow.


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