Aug 06

Favorite movies

I know I have been absent for a few weeks but I thought I might ease back into this bloggy thing. Funny enough IdioPrag wasn’t started for me but kind of became mine with regular use. I like the outlet, but sometimes life can get overwhelming. When I am overwhelmed I tend to take a break from all unnecessary things, Unfortunately for my regular readers blogging is one of those unnecessary things for me. It’s cathartic, yes, but time consuming and stressful in its own way. I am back though and as mentioned above we are going to ease back into this slowly with a week about the various artistic things I love.

Today is movies. I tend to be a sucker for most movies in that while watching even lackluster plots I get pretty involved. For me to critique a movie, I have to wait a short period after to come down from the experience before I start raving/ranting about the best/worst movie ever. The movies I list here today are my favorites cut arbitrarily into a short list of five with a brief explanation of why I love them. I won’t fill up your whole list with tearjerkers but will try to take a favorite from various genre’s to give a rounded picture of what I consider a good movie.

  1. Se7en: Most of these won’t be in order but Se7en definitely belongs in first place. I loved this movie from the moment Detective Mills (Pitt) killed John Doe (Spacey), and I probably would’ve hated it if he didn’t kill Doe. Strange for a movie to hinge on a single moment, but rarely does the antagonist win. In all the ways horrible and great, Doe completes his cycle by virtue of Mill’s vengeance.
  2. The Goonies: A holdover from my youth, the adventures taken on by the goonies in this fantastic movie are timeless. Probably the only Corey Feldman movie I am not ashamed to admit I love and not only cause he plays Mouth awesomely. Goonies is fun movie, more fun than most movies. That is why it belongs here.
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth: This is definitely in my top two foreign films no no question. The cinematography, directing, and writing are killer, but the costuming goes above and beyond.  The protagonist’s, Ofelia’s, story is weaved through her brutal reality and imaginary escapes. Even if you “don’t like subtitles” this movie is a must see. Go learn Spanish if you have to. Just watch.
  4. What Dreams May Come: I have a long list of favorite tearjerkers and while this one isn’t at the top it is somewhere close. My other favorites are probably too obvious whereas this Robin Williams film is less known. Dreams is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen and definitely my favorite reinterpretation of Dante’s decent into hell. You may not cry as much in this one as in Terms of Endearment but you will definitely cry.
  5. Clerks/Dogma: Don’t make me choose my favorite Kevin Smith comedy. I love them all. I love Clerks for it’s rawness. I love Dogma for it’s brilliant commentary on catholic dogma. Smith to this day is probably my favorite director and it was hard not to make this list completely filled with his works (including a few of his Q&A’s).

So yeah, I guess the list kind of turned into six and I didn’t even include a war movie but you will be left guessing what my favorite war movie is cause I ain’t sayin.

I missed this place. Glad to be back.

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