Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 04


Continuing good news week with some cute: So I have this thing for one species feeding another species of baby animals. It doesn’t exactly extend to human animals doing the feeding but just about all others I find pretty adorable. For example enjoy this fantastically cute video of a chimp feeding a baby tiger cub. …

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Jul 03


This post is continuing my good stuff week of posts. It discusses matters of my personal sex life so if that is TMI for you please don’t read. The first time I tried anal sex I was stupid. It was my idea but we were stupid nonetheless. I knew nothing about anal, and all we …

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Jul 02


I am feeling kind of burned out lately and I kind of want to post about good stuff this week*. Today’s post is all about brownies . I am kind of the brownie grand master in my family. I get repeated requests to make them for virtually every family gathering. The funny thing is that …

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