Jul 20

Fiction Friday: Holy Bible

This book sucked so much I don’t even feel the need to link to it on Amazon. The protagonist is blatantly racist, sexist, and narcissistic with no real moments of redemption from his dreadfully immoral characteristics.

The writing is seriously lacking as well. The reader doesn’t have to even get past the first mini book to find plot holes deep enough to swim in. Sure there are moments where the protagonist isn’t a raging asshole and an author waxes poetic, but trust, me those few moments are not worth the wading through the shit prose about a petty god.

If you simply must read the book, try to go for a free copy. Bible fans hand them out all the time, often accompanied with other fan fiction. Just remember that the time you wasted on this pointless drivel can never be recovered, and you might find your self arguing with fans as a means of justifying the lost time.

My recommendation, don’t bother. Harry Potter is way more interesting.

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