Jul 12

Vote Vulva 2012

So yesterday I made this magnet.

The inspiration for this came from twitter friend @ericainchaote who probably has little idea why I wanted this as a car magnet in the first place. Yeah, I put the topic for yesterday’s post up for a vote and everyone voted for vulva but that is not why this magnet is important to me.

There is something going on right now called a war on women and for the most part it is a war on cis women, trans men, and FAAB genderqueer. However,  pay discrepancies and access to insurance likely affects trans women too. Most of the attacks in the war on women are directed at people perceived to have vulvae. If you are perceived to have a cunt, you are automatically deemed inferior. In that sense, it kind of clicked with me when I saw this slogan. It is how I want to vote. I want to vote for someone protecting my vulva.

Not only that though. I want to vote to protect all vulvae. That means the vulvae of  non op/pre op trans men. The ones of post op trans women. Those of genderqueer. All of vulvae. I want to vote for candidates who know that women (in gender, sex, or both) are pretty fucking awesome. I want you to vote for candidates that promote rather than hinder our awesomeness.

I want you to Vote Vulva in 2012.


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  1. 1

    Not sure other than reproductive rights how the war on woman doesn’t affect trans woman. Saying it doesn’t include trans women as much as any other women seems really problematic to me. You may want to explain this a little more clearly.

    1. 1.1

      I only meant that in the sense that the republican war on women has mostly been about reproductive rights in the sense of access to hormonal birth control and abortion. That only affects people AFAB. If that is the majoriy of the war than the majority of the war in on those AFAB. I specifically consider the war to be about more than that. I tried to show that by showing ways that I think the war on women might address trans women. Because I don’t know how much it does, I expressly said I don’t know how much it does.

      I promise I wasn’t trying to suggest the war on women only affects trans women a tiny bit. I think it affects trans women a lot. I just think when most people talk about the war on women they are primarily talking about cis women. I want people to think about it on a bigger level. That was kind of the purpose of this post. Getting people to vote for candidates that care about all women gender or sex.

      I might have failed in my attempts to not erase. I am sorry. I really did try.

      1. Anna

        It’s ok I was just seeking clairfication. That’s why I specifically mentioned the reproductive rights issues. I see it as being far more wide reaching than reproductive rights though with things such as http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2012/07/10/513736/south-carolina-gov-vetoes-abuse-and-rape-prevention-funding-calls-it-a-distraction/

        1. WilloNyx

          You are totally right. I had forgotten about that and the Violence Against Women Act which pretty hard core affects trans women.

          I got so used to seeing all the things about reproductive rights that I totally forgot all other ways republicans are trying to kill us off.

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