Jul 11

My vulva

I like it bald.

I didn’t used to. Heck, for a long time I couldn’t even shave my legs (too sensitive) much less my cunt. The thought of shaving past my bikini line turned my stomach. Shaved vulvae looked like prepubescent children. Who the hell wanted their cunt to look like that was beyond me. I felt liberated that I didn’t’ even trim. Trimming was too much maintenance, and I wasn’t one of those high maintenance girls.

One time I trimmed. It was complicated. Took some work trying to make the hair not look bizarre. But it felt airier and I liked it. Still, it was too much maintenance. I only trimmed every so often and rarely for looks. My cunt was about me after all.

My attitude about being bald changed slowly. I had a daughter, realized that all the bare cunts in porn looked nothing like hers. Gave up on the idea that people into shaved pussies really just wanted to fuck children. Gave up on the idea that the bald girls were tools of the patriarchy. I mean, shaving my legs felt liberating in the sense that I wasn’t able to shave at all for much of my youth and finally being able to choose to have smooth legs was freeing. Who was I to say that having a bald cunt didn’t feel the same way? Liberating.

So I did it. Took a shower. Let the razor travel further and further over my vulva. Pulled the labia skin tight and carefully slid the razor across the tightened skin. Checked every fold. Methodical but pleasurable.The sensation of running my fingers across a smooth vulva. My god. Totally different than running fingers over the soft curly hair of a trimmed or untrimmed pussy. Different than the smooth skin of the legs. Softer.

Oh and the sex. Fuck. I found new pleasures in my labia never felt before. My partner’s wet, warm mouth exploring my lips. Unfuckingbelievable sensations and how much fun it was for Jarreg to explore the uncharted territory of my pussy. There was no going back. This was for me.

The maintenance was totally worth it. Worth the extra time shaving. Worth the occasional razor burn. Worth it because it felt good to me. I liked the airy coolness of a bald cunt. I liked that I felt less uncomfortably wet in the heat of the summer. I liked growing short soft coats of quarter inch hair when I felt like it. I liked having the choice to go back to full on jungle pussy if I wanted to.

I haven’t yet. I haven’t grown the hair past  a week’s time. Not because I am obligated to some sense of cultural norm. Not because I care what anyone thinks because the only people who ever see my cunt are happy no matter how I style it. I haven’t grown the hair back because I don’t want to and the instant I want the hair, I will go back. No regrets. No concern.

So yeah, I like it bald but don’t assume me liking it bald is reflective of some sort of adherence to a cultural norm. At least not for everyone. To some of us, bald just feels good.


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  1. 1
    Timid Atheist

    Once I stopped having sex lo these many years ago, not having to shave my vulva was a blessed relief. I’ve never been able to shave and NOT get a razor burn. I know I was doing something wrong, but was always too embarrassed to find out what. And then not ever having sex again meant I didn’t need to find out.

    I let the hair on my legs go too. I still shave my armpits on occasion. And I shower at least once a day. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I am okay with not shaving right now and that it is okay that I don’t want to shave.

    I have to say though, I did enjoy sex more when I shaved and it was worth the burns.

  2. 2

    Sounds considerably better than my experience shaving my junk as a dude who wears loose fitting underwear. For one thing, my boxers kept adhering to the stubble, which was annoying; for another… well, three words: stubble rash cock.
    Also, I’m ludicrously hairy all over, so with my pubes shaved off, I look like some kind of hair-negative of the average person.

    I used to be one of those guys who was all “no shaving! let it grow! don’t give in to the patriarchy and their razors!” but then I realised that pressure to not shave is really no better than pressure to shave, and I’m trying to be less indiscriminate about how I wave my male privilege around. So now, I’m of the opinion that women can do whatever the hell they like with their body hair (all of it). It is, after all, your body hair.

  3. 3

    It is posts like this, when a sex-positive woman talks about sex in a positive way, that I wish I wasn’t born with a Y chromosome. It makes me quite envious of women, because it seems to me that women enjoy sex more than men do, and far more than I do, personally.

    Obviously I could be wrong; further experimentation is needed. All I need is a lab partner.

  4. 4

    So long as you’re not doing something just for the sake of someone else’s pleasure at the expense of your own, then do whatever you like!

    As a kid, I always strongly associated pubic hair with discovering sex and adulthood – it was just one of those things that was different about the adult body that I, for some reason, found very alluring. As such I can’t help but associate bush with sexiness. It’s not that I think completely bald necessarily looks prepubescent, it just looks less arousing to me. Nevertheless, the sensations during sex are a huge plus of no hair, as are less messy menstrual periods :-P.

    So I go in between – I keep a descent sized triangle up on the mons that I keep moderately trimmed, and wax all the rest (sensation + the look :-). Waxing has the added advantage of lasting longer before growth returns (less maintenance), no rash on my sensitive skin that hates razors, and returning growth being fine and soft, not stubbly. I actually kinda like the look and feel of the fine fuzz that builds up between waxings.

    On my partners I prefer at list some bush (even if it’s only a measly landing strip) and for me there’s no such thing as too much, but if my partner likes to be completely bald, then I’m fine with that too. As for porn, I just really wish there was more diversity – it’s disappointing how little bush there is (on men and women) in porn these days :’-(

    1. 4.1

      Waxing costs more money than I would like. I am pretty sure If I could afford it I would at least go for a couple rounds of laser treatment to at least reduce hair. I might even go for full hair removal but that is mostly wishful thinking as the cos is so far beyond a real thing for me.

      1. Sarah

        Definitely understandable – waxing isn’t economical for everyone. I’m lucky in that I’ve found a good esthetician who isn’t super pricey ($35 for Brazilian – she runs the place by herself so no extra costs for receptionists or fancy spa perks) , and that my hair grows back slow enough that I only go every 2-3 months. I know some people who wax every 4 weeks or less, and I think that would be a pain in the ass, literally and figuratively, in addition to being more stressful on the wallet! I shave my legs, tho, as my skin there can take it and I wouldn’t be able to afford regularly waxing them either. I also would not be able to afford laser (and I’ve heard it is super painful, moreso than waxing, but don’t know for sure)

  5. 5

    Kind of a turn on hearing women talking about this. I’m completely in Sarah’s camp- a completely shaved woman is a little bit of a let down to me (of course I’m always excited and grateful to be down there!), but I prefer much of it shaved with some bush on top, just as she describes. That’s the best of both worlds to me- clean and sexy. Totally agree about modern porn- all the women shaved, lack of variety is diappointing.

    As far as myself, as a man, I don’t really care. I tend to keep it trimmed but not shaved, so i guess that is what I prefer, but frankly, I’ll do it up any way whatever girl I’m dating at the time prefers. My experience is that most women seem to like it trimmed but not shaved.

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