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I am feeling kind of burned out lately and I kind of want to post about good stuff this week*.

Today’s post is all about brownies .

I am kind of the brownie grand master in my family. I get repeated requests to make them for virtually every family gathering. The funny thing is that I don’t make them from scratch. I use box brownies.

The funny thing is everyone knows this. It isn’t a secret but they keep coming back to me for their favorite brownies. Hell, I keep coming back to myself. I know what a good brownie tastes like, and I am typically disappointed in most attempts I come across. Today I am going to tell you the not so big secret to my excellent brownies.

Don’t overcook!

Triple chunk is my favorite of the box brownie mixes

It seems so simple but this is where most people go wrong. The brownies don’t taste over cooked. They aren’t burnt, just dry and fairly tasteless. Must be the mix right? After trying a new mix the same dry tastelessness

happens repeatedly. It isn’t the mix. It is the cooking.

Here is what you need to know about brownies. First, always choose the fudgy recipe, not the cake like brownie recipe. While you may like chocolate cake without icing most people don’t and you will never get rave reviews on your brownies if you go with the cake like recipe. A mouth watering brownie is dense, fudgy goodness. Second, pay attention to the directions. Some people like to imagine their ovens are trickier than they are. but in reality most ovens cook at the temp that you set them to. To find out if your oven is a prankster try following the directions on the box. That means time, temp, and location. Brownies always should be set on the middle rack of the oven. Third, use a glass pan. Brownies cook more evenly in glass. Fourth, don’t over cook. I repeat this because the directions on box brownies give a cooking range. Almost never do you need to cook past the bottom number on that range. The box brownies also instruct to put a knife or toothpick in to test whether the brownies are fully cooked. This is a somewhat flawed instruction because fully cooked brownies will not always leave a toothpick of knife clean. Why is this? Brownies continue to cook after pulling them out of the oven. Their denseness means they retain heat far better than cakes and other baked breads. The retained heat keeps cooking the brownies at least ten minutes after you pull them from the oven. So it is probably not best to check with a toothpick till after you have let the brownies set for ten minutes. I personally never check. The worst thing that has happened is that my brownies were a little too fudgy to cut easily into squares. They still tasted great but if you want to start out testing because you don’t trust your over go ahead. Just remember that clean with brownie is not the same as clean with cake. Brownies will always leave more residue if they are cooked properly.

So yeah, that’s it. All the secrets to fantastic brownies you will ever need. Try them out and let me know what you think.


*psst, if anyone has good new they want to help fill the week with drop me a note on twitter or in my email.

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