Jun 29

Non-Fiction? Friday: Mind Games

Inspired by the extreme level of cognitive dissonance displayed by our new house troll here at IdioPrag, I have decided to offer a book this week just for fun. I would hardly call it non-fiction since the content takes place in a world haunted by spirits and demons, where magic is real and psychic powers can be bestowed upon people by the forces of darkness and good alike. It gets the opportunity to show up in the non-fiction section for two reasons. The most obvious reason is that the author and the target audience believe it is non-fiction. I found it in the non-fiction section of a second hand book store. My other reason is that I think those like me, who understand the difference between fantasy and reality, might get a real kick out of it.

This book is so funny I hate to spoil anything by talking about it. Be sure to charge the batteries on your irony meter before picking it up. Here is a quick run down and I will leave you to your frantic attempts to get hold of a copy.

Andre Kole is fancies himself an evangelical Christian version of James Randi. I know what you’re thinking. WTF does that even mean, right? It means that he goes around performing magic tricks and debunking hucksters and psychics….except the authentic Christian ones. Those guys are the shit. To read  his methods and critical process in approaching an alleged hoaxer one would think he was a real live skeptic. A few sentences later though, he will undoubtedly ruin the moment by talking about his own invisible magic man, the real one, that can do this stuff for real. I can’t do it justice. You really just have to read it.


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