Jun 28

Some meta and music

So a reader informed me the other day that my RSS feed is borked so I am going to play around with some different themes today to try and see if it is the theme. Eventually I want to have a theme with a banner anyway, but that requires me to pick a theme Jarreg and I both love that has a replaceable banner on and also design a banner. It takes me a LONG time to decide on a theme we both like and the banner stuff is kind of outside my skill set.

So I am asking for some patience in the changing things around today and maybe for the next little while. Maybe I can embed a little music to ease the transition.

Btw, did I mention I love TMBG?


  1. 1

    ♫ Throw the crib door wiiii-iide
    Let the people crawl inside
    Someone in this tooo-oown
    Is trying to burn the playhouse down
    They want to stop the ones who want
    Prosthetic foreheads on their heads
    But everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads

    Do you know about This Might Be A Wiki? Incidentally, this song was the first TMBG album I ever heard/bought, and I got it autographed by both the Johns when they were touring here in… December 2001. My god, it was that long ago.

    Like the new theme – although the comments indent slightly too far each time, it’s much easier to work out where to reply to individual comments in the thread than the other theme. I hope someone can help with the RSS problem, I really have no experience fiddling with RSS PHP scripts.

  2. 2

    Yay for TMBG.

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