Jun 22

Fiction Friday: What Happened to Cass McBride

Well I was hoping to read more over vacation but I ended up swimming and catching up with my friends so I can’t do this Fiction Friday on the book I wanted (worst thing in the world, I know).¬† I didn’t finish it yet, so I will do this one over another YA book in my mental reserve of YA fiction.

What Happened to Cass McBride by Gail Giles is stylistically different than most books as it writes each chapter from different first person views. That style isn’t unheard of.¬† My Sister’s Keeper was a bestseller in the same format. It is uncommon though and readers who find it difficult to follow might want to try the audiobook. Both versions are well done and worth the time.

The fairly short book tells the story of it’s namesake pretty quickly so it really isn’t much of a spoiler to talk about that. Cass is kidnapped and buried alive. The story is told from her perspective, her kidnapper’s perspective, and the investigating officer’s perspective. Each person has an individual timeline of telling their side.

Kyle, the kidnapper, wants Cass and the investigating officer to know why Cass is in the box. Much of the meat of the story is gleaned through internal monologues and external dialogues. Giles does a damn good job shaping 3 dimensional characters¬† is a small space. Kyle attitudes toward Cass are so reminiscent of the frequent misogyny I experience on the internet. The root causes of his hatred are well thought out and layered. Likewise, the story of Cass seems superficial at first and conversation slowly peels away that shiny coating to reveal Cass’s complicated history.

I can say that reading Kyle’s perspectives might be triggering for some people. Empathizing with misogynists can be difficult but Giles doesn’t go over the top in my opinion. Just something to consider if you decide to read What Happened to Cass McBride.

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