Jun 19

Vacation 2012

I wanted my vacation post to be the first one since I got back but I was distracted by the need to do yesterday’s post. If you don’t watch the news it will pass you by. Nonetheless we are back and I did take some pictures while I was gone.

The first one is of the sunset on Oak Island. Man was is a gorgeous one too.


We had mostly sunny days but one day rained almost start to finish. We still played in the ocean, in huge waves that I didn’t actually get a picture of. These ones from the pier (albeit much smaller) will have to do.


We also got to pet a shark which was pretty fucking awesome.


Oh yeah did I mention the view from my room?


Yeah I know jealousy all around. Let’s just say that I needed last week. I hadn’t been on vacation in two years and the call of the beach was killing me. I can safely say that if you are looking for a relaxing place to experience the ocean, Oak Island, North Carolina (USA) is the place to go. Not expensive. Not crowded. Extremely beautiful. I have been there three times and loved it every time.






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