May 16

Something new here and your #ididnotreport

A while back I posted about the Twitter hashtag #ididnotreport. I gave my own personal story of my childhood rape.  I feel strongly that talking about the realities of rape adds a valuable resource to those who experience it. Not only that but talking about or own rapes and sexual assaults helps us. Many of us were shamed into silence. We wanted to talk about it.  The Twitter hashtag gave us a venue.

I am giving us another one.

I want to start a regular series giving people a chance to talk (anonymously or not) about their sexual assaults or rapes they did not report. They can be as long as you need them to be. They cannot use a real name or identifying information about any person other than the author.  The purpose is to prevent any mix ups with non related parties. People have same names all the time.

I struggled pretty heavily with how to handle comments on these posts. I have been unable to find a way to moderate individual posts where every comment that comes in on those posts are sent straight to moderation. So the only way I can do this is leave the option for comments open to the individual authors. If authors can handle the potential that a troll might sneak in and post a triggering comment, I can promise to try keep close track and delete those comments as quickly as possible. If any authors cannot handle the possibility, it would be best for me to close comments on those articles.

Either way I will preface each #ididnotreport with instructions on the strict commenting policy for those posts. Our stories our not the place for debate but rather the place for healing. I will use what ever name you ask me to use as the author but once again that any real name that does not belong to the author be changed to a pseudonym.

This is male or female, cis or trans. Rape affects us all. If you would like to make a submission my email is: willonyx @ idioprag (dot) com…Please change the (dot) to a . and eliminate spaces so it looks like an actual email address or the submissions will not actually get to me. And please tell me whether you would prefer comments closed on the post you write. I can close them after the fact if you need me too.

Also dear readers, I have no clue if there will be many submissions. I will post them as I get them or post them once a day if I get a flood. I don’t have a ton of readers but you never know how these things go. Sometimes reporting anonymously is all we have.

Thank you to anyone who wishes to share.

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