May 09

Calling all sluts

Since I have at least a few Canadian readers here, I thought it relevant to post an upcoming event in the London, Ontario region.

On Saturday May 12th, London’s second annual Solidarity SlutWalk will be held at Victoria Park from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

For those of you who have never heard of SlutWalk:

SlutWalk began as a small idea in Toronto in 2011 to fight back against victim-blaming and sex-shaming around sexual violence. The co-founders were galvanized into action and took their name from a Toronto police officer who referred to women and survivors of sexual assault as “sluts” and suggested women ‘dressing like sluts’ were inviting their own victimization.

It shouldn’t be new information to anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock that every time a woman comes forward about rape or sexual assault, they entire history (promiscuity, fashion, gender identity) is on trial along with those they accuse. SlutWalks attempt to end the victim blaming and slut shaming prevalent in sexual crime.

Something I found interesting which speaks to the pervasiveness of slut shaming is that SlutWalks have been around for little longer than a year. What started in Toronto spread to 200 cities world wide rather quickly. We sluts are tired of being blamed.

So, if you are anywhere near London, Ontario come out on May 12th. London’s Solidarity SlutWalk 2012 welcomes sluts of all sorts with specific inclusion of transgender sluts who face some of the highest risks of sexual violence¬† and are far more likely to be victim blamed into not reporting their own sexual assaults or rapes. I am especially proud that London is making a concerted effort to ensure that trans women feel as welcome as cis women in this important event for all women.

Walk together in solidarity.

Thanks to reader/commenter Anna for bringing this event to my attention.

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