Apr 21

Breaking the Silence

If you visited our blog yesterday you probably found up to 24 posts containing a video about the Day of Silence. If you still don’t know what the Day of Silence is, then you watched none of them.

I opted to be silent yesterday on the web because I want to break the silence surrounding bullying LGBTQ youth everywhere. My school years were before DoS was created (a grassroots effort if ever there was one). My friends got jumped for being gay. My friends got harassed for “looking gay.” I escaped only because bi-girls are a novelty. Inside and outside of school, bullies were tolerated, condoned for the terror they created. The tide is shifting as we all learn to find our voices and break the silence that keeps the wheel of hatred turning.

If someone is a bully, don’t be silent. Don’t expect the victim to stand up for themselves. Speaking out against bullies is our place because we have the voices, the privilege of not having someone choking the words out of us. Every time you watch the boot of oppression press on someones neck and don’t say something, you become an accessory to violence, to hate.

You are the bullies’ silent partner.

You are not my ally.

Allies speak.


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