Apr 12

A response to Taslima Nasreen

In your post Do women really ‘choose’ to be prostitutes, you ask whether people would encourage their daughters to become prostitutes.

I am going to say to that no, I would not ‘encourage’ my daughter, or son for that matter, to pursue prostitution as an occupation. I would, however, support their choice if either of them chose to become prostitutes of their own volition.

Not only that but I will make it known to my children that choosing prostitution as an occupation will always be an option for them without fear of shame from me. I will make sure that they are aware of the risks, aware of the precautions that mitigate those risks, aware of their other options, and aware that I will not once look down upon them because they enjoy sex and wish to make sex their work.

I am going to turn this away from both of my children to specifically address the concept of prostitution with just my daughter now. I do this partly because you, Taslima, have chosen to ignore that a large amount of sex work is done by men for men and women. I do it partly because you, Taslima, have chosen to tell me and the world that “true” feminists don’t support legal, consensual prostitution.

Taslima, you call women and men who support willful prostitution “misogynists or masochists.” This is an ad hominem attack designed to say “Ignore the opinions of those who support willful prostitution because they hate women or enjoy pain. Their opinions must be tarnished by these unsavory positions.”

What I want you to know, what I want my daughter to know is that your brand of feminism is one of the brands that made me ashamed to call myself a feminist for most of my life. It took thirty years of my life to be aware that there are a ton of feminists that seek to maximize choices for women just as there are a ton of feminists that seek to minimize choices for women. You are one of the latter.

I don’t want my daughter to have to wait thirty years bombarded by feminists that tell her that “staying at home to mother means she is a tool of the patriarchy,” feminists that tell her that “wearing short skirts and high heels is oppressive to women everywhere,” or even feminists like yourself who will tell her “if you like to be paid for sex you must have a ‘psychological addiction’ to sex.”

I want my daughter to know that your brand of feminism is oppressive to women because it is proscriptive and insists that women cannot know what it is best for our own bodies. It insists that we women have been duped by society into believing that prostitution is a valid career choice because feminists like yourself have decided that women can’t enjoy sex enough to be paid for it unless they are nymphomaniacs.

I want my daughter to know that she has the option to choose:

Who she wants to fuck and for what reasons she wants to fuck them

as well as

Which feminists she associates with and the reasons she associates with them

You, Taslima, would seek to take those choices away from her, and I won’t let you.

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