Apr 09

Yay brownies!

So I am currently bleeding from my girl parts which tends to make me super drained and highly emotional. I am not in the mood to write anything serious so I am going to focus on my favorite subject of all…chocolate.

Anyone who knows me knows I make the best brownies in the world. I always get shamed if I show up at a gathering with something other than brownies. It happened yesterday and I told them they probably didn’t want brownies full of salty tears (hormonal much?).  The thing is though I always use box brownies of a variety of flavors so it isn’t a particular recipe that people love so much.

It is the baking. Well that and making sure you always use the fudgy directions on the box (cake brownies are blasphemous). So if you want to be the person who makes the “best brownies in the world” follow one simple tip along with those fudge directions on the box:


Seriously, don’t. There is this thing that brownies (and all sorts of baked products) do when you pull them out of the oven. The heat inside the pan (I always use glass) and inside the brownies to continues to cook the brownies after they are removed from the oven. Once the house starts to permeate with intense brownie smell you can bet that they should be taken out oven very soon. I can’t always rely on my nose, so my rule of thumb is to never set my oven to a different temp than the box recommends and always pull the brownies out at the minimum time on the box. Some people will have to experiment with this because the oven thermostat may be calibrated improperly. If this is the case, make the brownies according to the above directions, and if they are over-cooked, drop the temp slightly. If they are undercooked, up the temp slightly.  The key is to wait till they have cooled for about ten minutes to see if they are fully cooked. They should be dense and fudgy but you should be able to cut them into bars without the brownies oozing. They will not look or feel like a cake. If they do they are overcooked. You may love them overcooked but most of the world will think they are “just ok.”

So play around. Find a box flavor you like most (ZOMG triple chunck!) and give it a few whirls. Soon enough a you will be making “the best brownies in the world” like I do.

The easy way.


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