Mar 24

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 11th anniversary of the day WilloNyx and I were married. Being at the Reason Rally on this special day would have been ideal but circumstances are such that we couldn’t afford the trip. I am determined that we will attend the next one though.

We made our journey out of the tar-pit of faith together. There was no instant moment when one of us decided we are what we are. Some people can pinpoint those things. I can’t. I cannot put into words the huge debt of gratitude I owe her. This is going to be a truly feeble and inadequate attempt. She taught me an honesty and integrity that for so long I only believed was fictional. She really is the most honest person I know, that I have ever known. A thousand times she could have lied to me or kept secrets to spare my feelings. She didn’t. It takes great courage and great love to be that honest with someone. In the end I can’t thank her enough.

So to you WilloNyx, I love you. I have loved you for seventeen years now. Since that first day I realized how I felt about you that love has only grown. Thank you for walking with me through this life. Thank you for our children. Thank you for the easy times and the hard ones, the moments of elation and sorrow, pleasure and pain alike. I wouldn’t undo a moment of it. Thank you for hanging on. Happy anniversary.

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