Mar 03

God is love

An article in UK’s Mail Online today has made me ill. It highlights the trend of torture and murder of children suspected of witchcraft, a phenomenon that is growing frighteningly more common in recent years. In a world that has probed the inner depths of matter and energy and seen the far reaches of space, how can there be those among us so hopelessly ignorant that they would believe in witchcraft and demon possession much less be willing to murder over such superstitions?

According to Mail Online:

 More than 80 children have suffered appalling abuse after being branded as witches in a crimewave fuelled by medieval beliefs imported from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The scale of the problem – with many youngsters being beaten, starved and kept in cages – was revealed as a football coach was found guilty of torturing a boy to death.

In England Project Violet, an investigative unit dedicated to fighting crimes of a religious or cultural nature, is being reorganized to answer this threat. According to the report:

 Officials suspect grotesque acts continue to thrive behind closed doors, fuelled by a toxic combination of extreme evangelical Christianity and traditional beliefs.

In some of the most serious cases police suspect children may have been sent to their native countries where they face torture, sexual abuse and even murder.

But at least we can be confident that no “real” Christians would ever engage in this kind of nonsense, especially in this country.

Eric Bikubi, the football coach mentioned above, believed he had special powers that allowed him to detect evil. According to the article:

 His defence team argued he was suffering a mental disorder, but an expert told the court he was ‘calm, lucid and rational’ when he murdered Kristy.

Calm and lucid perhaps but I think we have entirely different definitions of the word rational.

Christian fundamentalist pastors in Britain are fuelling the belief in witchcraft, experts warned yesterday.

Dr Richard Hoskins, a police adviser, said he has spoken to many immigrant Londoners gripped by the potential power of malicious ‘spirits’ threatening to damage their families.

Traditional methods of exorcism include wearing a charm, fasting or sacrificing an animal and are controlled by the Church.

The university lecturer warned that Christian extremists and evangelists have begun taking advantage of vulnerable families and perpetuating beliefs in witchcraft by offering expensive ‘deliverance services’.

Still waiting to hear that loud unambiguous public outcry from the “real” Christians denouncing these assholes. I won’t hold my breath.

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