Feb 23

Political apathy

Jarreg posted the other day about why he votes, and I felt maybe I should post a little on a similar theme. You won’t catch me posting too much general political stuff, as I find it tedious to no end, but I am going to give you a little taste of where I currently stand in the realm of politics.

As a general rule, I fucking hate politics. I tend to not like things that make me feel like I am lost in a swirling vortex of indecision.  I used to pride myself in claiming how independent of attachment to political parties I was, when really I was just excusing myself from the debates.  Yeah, in many ways I exist as a moderate. I actually do understand that it takes a delicate balance between a trickle down view of the economy and intentional wealth redistribution. I actually do understand how the tug of war between conservatism and progression, serves to benefit us by maintaining a stable whilst continually moving forward society. So maybe my independence wasn’t  a total cop-out, but it certainly was some of one.

Like Jarreg, I used my ideas to convince myself that I couldn’t vote for one or the other. I couldn’t choose the lesser of two evils. There were benefits and dangers to both, and I couldn’t be bothered enough to try and weigh the decision with the most accurate mental scale I could muster. I was lazy. I still am lazy to some degree. So far the most I have managed to vote was in the last presidential election. (I was almost too embarrassed to even say that.)

I am trying to get better though, mostly because I am worried. Most people tend to become more conservative as they age, but I certainly am becoming more and more liberal. I haven’t been fooled by the concept of the good ole’ days, and I do see how much better things are now than they were fifty plus years ago.  I am worried about nut-jobs throwing us into another dark ages, and assholes ruining the life I enjoy currently. I have plans to eventually vote more in local elections. Certainly my vote will count more there. I live in a state that will probably never swing toward the candidate I end up voting for in presidential elections.  My next step toward changing this habit of sticking my fingers in my ears is to learn about my representatives in congress. Maybe then I will be able to convince some of my friends to vote wisely, while I do the same.

Who knows what will happen, in the future. All I am saying is I am trying to change my own political apathy, and you should as well.

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