Feb 21

Something I’ve found useful

I am late to the Netflix game. I just signed up a little over a month ago. In that time I have to say I am hooked. I hardly watch any regular TV anymore. I spend much of my free time (what little I have since this blogging thing started) checking out old seasons of shows I love and something completely different.

Documentaries. There are a fuckton of documentaries on Netflix. I never really got the chance to watch many documentaries before. I live in a rural area where the local video rental stored are overstuffed with action films and teen dramas. I feel like a kid me in a candy store.

So all that intro was for just one recommendation. If you have Netflix, search and watch For the Bible Tells Me So. Absolutely phenomenal documentary that chronicles several families that I would call “highly” religious. Each of those families have a gay child. The stories are those of how parents learn to reconcile their love for their children with their faith in god. It is a film that should have you in tears by the end, so take the time and give it a watch.

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