Feb 18

Strolling Through the ‘Mart

I happened upon this product yesterday at Walmart.

Spot the problem?

How the fuck the can a hormone be hormone free?

Surprisingly they have an ingredients list. Woo peddlers get away with far more than the FDA should allow them too.

Try not to injure your self when your head makes contact with your keyboard.

“*Contains the same amino acid constituents as hCG”

The most painful thing is that people pay for this nonsense (in more ways than one). I know what it is like to struggle with weight issues. I really do, but seriously people there are safe ways to lose weight.  This is not one of those ways. If this product was really using the hormone hCG it still wouldn’t be safe (not that hCG is inherently unsafe). Diets based on hCG all require the dieter to reduce calorie consumption to starvation levels to be effective. The hCG does nothing and the dieter does all the work (destroying their body and metabolism in the process).

Then again, this product doesn’t contain hCG itself. Rather it contains all those hot button words that other woo-based diet peddlers want you to think help you lose weight. The various “herbal” ingredients do little more than diuretics and sugar-free coffees do, that is to say, not much at all. So while this one won’t require you to drop your calorie intake to 500 calories a day, it still will probably call for a significant drop as well as regular exercise, just like every other “diet supplement” on the market.

My last word of advice.* Find a healthy weight for you. There is no set in stone weight for anyone. If you want to lose weight start by cutting calories in a reasonable fashion. Eat nutrient and fiber packed foods. They are filling without containing empty calories. Take a walk or a bicycle ride a few days a week. Be more active than you currently are. Decrease your portion sizes.  Have heated, vibrant conversation during your meals (they not only burn calories but also keep you from eating too quickly.) Reduce portion sizes.  Enjoy life a bit more. All these little suggestions play a role in healthy weight loss. They either reduce calorie intake, help you burn more calories, or increase your metabolism by degrees.

None of them taken in moderation are dangerous to your health.

*Always consult your physician before making any decisions about your overall health, including but not limited to dieting and exercise.

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