Feb 15


That was the sigh of me finally sitting down to write my first blog post ever. There is nothing like exploring completely new territory to make you feel like an absolute  idiot. For two days now I have been stumbling my way through what feels like a foreign land of customs, expectations, and most of all language.

3.96 GPA and I feel like a I can’t tie my own shoes.

I made it though, and now I can just write. Lets start with something that has been in my head for a few days.

On the spectrum of firebrands vs accommodationists, I fall somewhere toward the middle. Yes, yes, I am one of those “it takes both kinds” people.  Why I think it takes both kinds is simple. It took both kinds for me. I wasn’t always a godless creature. My faith started slipping away at about age 16, and I transitioned from monotheism, to polytheism, to agnosticism, and finally to atheism. Through each of  my stages I heard all types of non-believers. In the early stages firebrands pissed me off, “how dare they be so damn certain that god doesn’t exist,” and “faith is too personal, they can’t know.”  So, early on, firebrands weren’t for me. I needed a lighter touch. I needed baby steps.

Once I became an agnostic things changed.  The time for accommodation was over. I was finally ready to listen to firebrands and what they had to say, and it made sense. The firebrand technique (if you can call it a technique) pushed me from agnostic toatheist. It showed me how not to use the possibility of god as a crutch for everything in my life. Firebrands took the fencepost of uncertainty out of my ass and taught me how to stand on my own two feet.

Now, I started this story saying that I exist somewhere in the middle. That probably gives a bit of a false impression to some. I imagine my methods of talking to others about faith (or the lack of it) have been shaped by my own personal transition. Because of that, I tend to try to empathize with my peers at any given moment and be as direct as their body language will let me before I see them start to shut down. I tend to accommodate more my friends, often reciprocating their own accommodation of me. I tend to have full firebrand approach on the internet, knowing that the internet is not a captive audience and no one is being forced to hear my blasphemy. So I stand somewhere in the middle not because all my approaches are of medium-grade directness but more because of the law of averages.

So, yes, it takes all kinds.  Because of that, I am all kinds…just at different times.

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